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Information & Advice

Three Equal Lives characters (left to right); a feminine-presenting, dark skinned person standing with their hands together, a fair-skinned, feminine-presenting person seated in a silver manual wheelchair, looking upwards to the person with the headscarf, and smiling slightly, also facing the person with the headscarf, a masculine-presenting person with blonde hair, fair skin and a closed-mouth smile on their face, is standing using two elbow-crutches with forearm cuffs.

Our Advice and Membership Officers provide a telephone and e-mail enquiry service.


They can provide advice around:
  • Finding support

  • Discrimination and rights

  • Who can help in a crisis

  • Independent living

  • Social care

  • Accessibility

  • Complaints about companies/services


If you have a question or issue that you are experiencing, please feel free to contact us.

Telephone: 01508 491210 option 2 between 10am-4pm Monday to Friday (closed on Bank Holidays)


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