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What do you think were the biggest barriers that our members faced in 2021?

What do you think were the biggest barriers that our members faced in 2021?

Early results from our Membership Survey indicate that “Isolation” was the greatest barrier with “Difficulty accessing medical treatments” coming a close second. Does that echo your own experience in 2021? Or were the barriers you faced different to those?

We would love to know!

Have you filled in our membership survey yet? It’s closing soon and we really would love to hear what you think before it’s too late! We want Equal Lives to focus its projects and campaigns on the barriers and issues that matter most to our members. So take the opportunity to be part of that conversation and influence what direction we go in.

If you are an Equal Lives member and haven’t had a chance to fill it in yet, please do so! If you need the link or a copy of the survey in Word format, or if you are not a member but would like to become one so you can complete the survey, email us at

The survey is about so much more than just Equal Lives membership – it is also about what barriers you face in your , day-to-day life and gives space for your ideas on how those barriers could be overcome. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your voice heard.

The survey also gives you more information about becoming an Equal Lives Champion. We are looking for people who will be the first to hear about opportunities to get involved with research, consultation and even media interviews. Becoming a Champion is a new, free opportunity and will give you a deeper insight into our work and how you can help us campaign for the changes you want to see. You can opt in to become a Champion when you fill in the survey.

We are thrilled to see from the responses to our survey just how much our current work is valued. As we move through 2022, we will do all we can to focus on what is important to our members while breaking down disabling barriers and working with people to achieve the life they choose.

Thank you for coming with us on that journey by filling in our survey. We look forward to seeing your response. Remember, the survey closes soon!

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