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Two people representing Equal Lives are sat at a desk smiling and clutching coffee cups. There are flyers on the desk that say 'Volunteering' and 'What we do'.

Welcome to Equal Lives

About Equal Lives

We are Equal Lives. A disability rights organisation based in Norfolk and Suffolk. We exist to support people of any age who face disabling barriers and we are dedicated to making their voices heard. We are a user led organisation (ULO), meaning we are led by people who access care and support services themselves - with a strong majority of our board identifying as disabled.  

We believe in supporting people to empower themselves to live independent lives. We do this through valuable services including Information & Advice, Advocacy, Shopmobility and Campaigning. 


Our mission for disabled people’s independence is why we work to the Social Model of Disability. Developed by disabled people, this model is a progressive way of viewing the world and says that individuals are limited by barriers within society and not by their own impairments or differences. Our aim is to breakdown these disabling barriers and work with people to achieve the life they choose.

Against a pale green background are three cartoon people. Two have visible signs of disability (a wheelchair and crutches) and are facing the other person, who is stood up. All three are smiling.

Thank You for your Support!

Donations are hugely impactful to our organisation and allow us to do things other types of funding doesn't. 

Your donations have been used to create projects led by you, develop our website and social media presence, help us to employ staff and ensure we're able to keep providing free to access services.


To donate to us - click the button below!

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A line of red mobility scooters with grey seats, and large wicker baskets at the front of each, are parked up with their rears against an orange wall.

Get In Touch

A laptop with the words 'stay connected' in purple text against a black screen. Below the laptop, are images of a mobile phone, computer moniter and tablet, all with the Equal Lives webiste on screen. Below that are the handles of our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as our web address.

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Our Partners

We often work with partners who provide funding to us, collaborate on work or share resources. 

Some of our partners

The Norfolk Community Advice Network logo. Over a white background, ‘NCAN’ is written in large bold, black text, with ‘Norfolk Community Advice Network’ underneath in smaller black text. To the right of NCAN are simple, gender-neutral, green people shapes.
The Norwich City Council logo. Over a white background is teal coloured text that reads ‘Norwich City Council’. To the left of the text, within a teal shield shape, are a white castle shape and white lion shape underneath.
The Mancroft Advice Project (MAP) logo. Over a white background, inside a green tear-drop shape that looks like it's on its side are the letters 'm', 'a' and 'p'.
The Norfolk County Council logo. Over a white background, are the words ‘Norfolk’ (in lime green) and underneath it (in black) ‘County Council’. To the left of the text is the Norfolk coat of arms.
The Suffolk County Council logo. Over a white background, in navy blue text, are the words 'Suffolk County Council'. To the left of the text is the Suffolk coat of arms.
The Active Norfolk logo. In purple text is the word 'active' and underneath it, the word 'norfolk' is in orange text. The t in active is made to look a bit like a person reaching for a ball (which is the i in active).
The Geoffrey Watling Charity logo - G and W are in big, mid to dark blue letters. To the right of each respective, blue letter are the words 'Geoffrey' and 'Watling' in golden yellow. Underneath, it says 'the Geoffrey Watling charity' in dark grey text.
The Forum, Norwich’s logo. Over a white background, 'The forum' is in light blue text, all bar the 'u', which is in a darker shade of blue.
The Alan Boswell Group logo. Over a white background, the words 'Alan Boswell Group' are in dark blue text. To the left of the text is a red triangle which represents the ‘A’ in Alan and two curved blue shapes representing the B in Boswell.
The Inclusion London logo. Over a white background, 'Inclusion’ is in bold black text, all bar the letter 'l', which connects with the 'L' at the start of London underneath, which is in purple text. Underneath, in black text are the words 'Promoting Equality For London's Deaf and Disabled People'.
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