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The Norfolk Advocacy Partnership (NAP) logo. Over a white background, the words ‘Norfolk’, then ‘Advocacy’, then ‘Partnership’ are in dark blue text and are stacked on top of each other. To the top left, are four orange circles of differing sizes, from darkest orange hue at the top to paler orange hue at the bottom.


Equal Lives is proud to be part of the Norfolk Advocacy Partnership.


The Partnership consists of eight partners, all of whom provide advocacy and specialist support.

Specialist support is support for people who face additional barriers when accessing other services. For example, people with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, people who are neurodivergent and people who are d/Deaf.

Learn more about the Norfolk Advocacy Partnership here.

The Norfolk Advocacy Partnership is made up of:

Click on the options to find out more about the different types of advocacy at Equal Lives

If you're not sure what type of Advocacy applies to you - contact us on
01508 491 210 or

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Bridge Plus logo
The Opening Doors logo. Over a white background, a dark blue and golden yellow open-door outline reveals three people’s heads. They are of different races and gender presentations and have smiling faces. A text box emerges from the right-hand side of the door frame with the words ‘Having our say as people first’. Underneath the open door outline are the words ‘Opening Doors’ in the same shade dark blue.
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Deaf Connexions Logo
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The Norwich Age UK logo. Over a white background, ‘Norwich’ is in dark blue text, underneath it, ‘age’ is in the same colour text and ‘UK’ is in a lighter blue. To the left of the text is a multicoloured ribbon in an infinity symbol shape.
Equal Lives Logo

How to make a referral:

If you want to make a referral and you know which organisation you need, please contact them directly using the information provided on their websites (click on the names above to be re-directed to the sites).  You can also refer to any organisation in the partnership by using the NCAN referral system.

If you are unsure of where your referral should go, please call Equal Lives on 01508 491210 or send us an email to We would be happy to discuss your referral and help you identify which service would be best placed to help.

Equal Lives no longer do NHS Complaint Advocacy or Relevant Person's Paid Representative Service (RPPR) Advocacy. For these, you will need to make a referral to POhwer.

If a service you are looking to refer someone to is closed to new referrals and you’re not sure of alternatives, you can call the Your Norfolk Advice Network Helpline on 0333 996 8333 or email them at  
The Helpline has all the up to date information about services across Norfolk.

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