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Social Prescribing 

Our team also advises and supports people who have been referred into the Norwich Social Prescribing service by roles such as Doctors and Nurses within GP surgeries. Social Prescribing is a way of enabling people to access a range of local, non-clinical services, so that needs can be addressed in a holistic way. We work in partnership with Norfolk Citizens’ Advice, who are the project lead, and other local organisations to provide Social Prescribing. Our Living Well Workers are the staff who provide advice and support to people referred.


Find out more about Social Prescribing here

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Equal Lives' logo. Over a white background, 'Equal Lives' in dark purple text, and underneath that, smaller, lilac text reads 'Free From Disabling Barriers'. To the left of the text are three purple, flying bird shapes, with the purple deepening and size increasing as they descend.
The Citizens Advice Norfolk logo. Over a white background, a navy-blue speech bubble contains the words ‘citizens advice’ in which text. To the right of the speech bubble is the word ‘Norfolk’ in the same blue as the speech bubble.
The Mancroft Advice Project (MAP) logo. The letters 'm', 'a' and 'p', with ‘m’ and ‘p’ in lime green, and ‘a’ looking like an upside down, and on-its-side, tear drop shape in dark grey. Underneath, in much smaller, dark grey text are the words ‘For young people finding their way’.

Information and Advice

Equal Lives can provide information and advice on a range of disability related issues. Examples of this include, explaining how to access different services and support and how to navigate different processes, such as how to make a complaint.

We are no longer funded to provide complex welfare benefits advice and support, such as supporting with an appeal. If you need support with this, please contact the Norfolk Advice Network Helpline on their free number: 0333 996 8333. Its purpose is to refer members of the public and professionals to organisations that can provide the information, advice and support that is needed.

If you feel our team may be able to offer you some help, the advice line is open 10am-4pm Monday to Friday, or you can e-mail You can also reach us directly by calling 01508 491210

We are developing a small welfare benefit form fill service. Equal Lives used to be able to support people with completing different claim forms but our funding came to an end. However, we know that form filling is an area lots of people still need advice and support with. Please check this page for further updates. 

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If we cannot help you, we work closely with a range of other advice agencies as part of the Norfolk Community Advice Network and so if we can’t help, we will try and find someone who we can signpost you to, or make a referral on your behalf when needed.

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Three people are sat together as though engaged in conversation. On the left-hand side, a fair to olive skinned feminine-presenting person is seated in a manual wheelchair. They have long medium brown hair in a high ponytail and are wearing a long-sleeved green top with white stripes, and yellow trousers, and navy pumps. Their hands rest in their lap, and they have a slight smile on their face. In the middle is a feminine-presenting person with dark brown hair and brown skin, wearing a short-sleeved, baby-pink t-shirt and green, medium-length skirt, and white shoes, with a guide dog in a neon yellow vest seated next to them. On the right side a masculine-presenting, brown-skinned person with a limb difference (their left arm ends at the elbow). They are wearing a grey headwrap, baby blue t-shirt, beige trousers and brown trainers.
The Advice UK logo. Over a white background, in black text are the words ‘Advice UK’. ‘Advice’ is bolder than ‘UK’. To the left of the text is a purple sphere shape with white lines across it connecting dots.

Equal Lives are proud to be a member of

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