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Membership at Equal Lives

Equal Lives is a user-led disability rights organisation, or DPO. 

A DPO is a disabled person's organisation and there are several accross the UK. You can find a list on the Inclusion London Website here.

Having a Membership means that the disabled people in our area can vote on important changes to our organisation. To be user-led, DPOs must have a board of trustees of whom over 51% are disabled. We're proud to say that a strong majority of our board identify as disabled and steer our organisation, with the support of our disabled membership voting at our Annual General Meetings! (AGM)

Who can be a member?

Anyone can be a member and support our work. It's free and all members will receive our regular communication and opportunities to get involved. 

Some members will be eligible to vote, and these are our disabled individual members who live in Norfolk and Suffolk, and representatives of groups in Norfolk and Suffolk too. 

Want to stay in touch and find out more?

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