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Customer Charter

Our Customer Charter:


  • You are the expert in your life, we will be led by you and will support others to recognise your expertise

  • We will act in accordance with our belief in upholding your human rights as a disabled person

  • We care about you as our client and a person, the work we do on your behalf, and the way we do it

  • We will support you to empower yourself and reach your potential

  • We will strive to make sure you always receive the best possible service from us

  • We will always be as transparent, honest and straightforward as we can when we speak to you 


What our customers can expect from Equal Lives:


  • We will treat all clients with respect and dignity

  • We will maintain our professional boundaries

  • We will respect confidentiality

  • We will deal with your query or case in a professional, efficient and inclusive way.


What we ask of customers:


  • Treat all of our staff with courtesy and respect, avoiding unacceptable and aggressive behaviour

  • Give us the information and documentation we need to help you

  • Help us by giving your views and suggestions and letting us know when we have failed, meet or exceeded your expectations




What we expect from our Staff and volunteers:


  • Staff and volunteers will ensure they understand, and can follow, all relevant policies and procedures.

  • That all staff follow the relevant operational procedures provided. If a staff member or volunteer becomes aware that others are not following these then we expect you to raise this with their Line Manager or another if they are not available.

  • To carry out their work in line with our agreed professional behaviours.

  • That staff and volunteers will take personal responsibility for ensuring that they are following Data Protection and Safeguarding procedures at all times and will be held accountable, if not.

    For more information on how we ensure we address client data confidentiality please see our Privacy Notice.

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