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Leaving a gift in your will

Wills are SO important 

Did you know that gifts in Wills are possible for almost everyone and are so easy to do?

And the impact of each gift to Equal Lives will give disabled people throughout Norfolk and Suffolk independence, equality and choice and control in their lives. 

Why is a Will important?

If you die without a Will you lose all freedom of choice as to who inherits your treasured belongings. The LAW takes over. 

In a way, a Will is a love letter to future generations to show you care about their future: family, friends and maybe Equal Lives too?


A basic Will is easy and can be done in minutes by a solicitor. Citizens Advice can give you the names of local solicitors who regularly draft Wills or you can visit to find a solicitor. (note: the 'Find a Solicitor button is at the top right hand side of the page) 

What is a gift in a Will? 

It can be any sum of money -whatever is affordable for you.  

Or it can be a % of your what you are worth. This can be even 1% so your family inherits the remaining 99%. But you can give more if you would like to!  

How can a gift in your Will support Equal Lives? 

We receive some local government funding for a selection of services. However, in this current climate, this does not necessarily secure the future of Equal Lives. A gift in your will will help us to continue to support Disabled people into the future. We strive to remove disabling barriers for many years and generations to come. 

How can you remember Equal Lives in your Will? 

It's easy. All your Will writer needs is our charity name, Norfolk Coalition of Disabled People, trading as Equal Lives - and our registered charity number which is 1084108

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