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Training Opportunities 

Three people are sat together as though engaged in conversation. On the left-hand side, a fair to olive skinned feminine-presenting person is seated in a manual wheelchair. They have long medium brown hair in a high ponytail and are wearing a long-sleeved green top with white stripes, and yellow trousers, and navy pumps. Their hands rest in their lap, and they have a slight smile on their face. In the middle is a feminine-presenting person with dark brown hair and brown skin, wearing a short-sleeved, baby-pink t-shirt and green, medium-length skirt, and white shoes, with a guide dog in a neon yellow vest seated next to them. On the right side a masculine-presenting, brown-skinned person with a limb difference (their left arm ends at the elbow). They are wearing a grey head wrap, baby blue t-shirt, beige trousers and brown trainers.

Disability Equality Workshop 

Do you know the different definitions of Disability? 

Want to find out more about the Models of Disability? 

What is your role in Disability Equality?  

How we can use language in an empowering way? 


Explore these questions and more through Equal Lives' Disability Equality Training. 

This workshop has been designed to allow those attending the course to reflect on the representation of disabled people across society; from the definitions in place, the language used to describe disabled people, how the media represents disabled people and the Models that have been created over the decades, which reframe how we view disabled people in society.


This workshop also puts the Social Model of Disability in focus. It is a model that was created by disabled people over 50 years ago. This Model of Disability highlights the barriers that are in place across society for those with a disability. Find out more about the representation of disability and your role in the Social Model of Disability during this interactive, informative and reflective workshop.

Disability Equality Workshop

Where: Disability Equality Workshops can be delivered via Microsoft Teams or Zoom across the country. Face to face workshops can arranged around Norfolk and Suffolk.   

Number of delegates: up to 20 

Our Disability Equality Workshops are currently on pause, but if you would like to be added to a list to be notified if and when we restart them, please email us at  

Skills for Care Training 

As a Disabled People’s Organisation (DPO) we feel it is important to empower Service Users and their Personal Assistants to be the best employers and employees they can be; good support, and managing that support well, leads to the removal of barriers for disabled people. As a result, we applied for the DPO funding from Skills for Care to provide training to Individual Employers and their Personal Assistants (PA’s). Please check below for more information about current courses. 

If you would like to find out more or book a place on a course please call the advice team on 01473 603876 or email

New courses coming soon! 

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