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Equal Lives are thrilled to announce that we're now responsible for running a 'Shopmobility' scheme in Norwich. 

Located in the car park of Chantry Place (previously Chapelfield Shopping Centre), with easy access from the accessible car parking bays. 


Valued members and regular customers of Shopmobility will already know that recently the existing Shopmobility scheme in Norwich was forced to close its doors and is currently not open for business.

Equal Lives are working hard to turn this around and get the scheme up and running in the near future.

The scheme might look a little different - but rest assured we will still have:

  • Annual Membership making rentals discounted

  • A range of mobility aids including mobility scooters and wheelchairs

  • Pay as you go options

  • Accessible toilet

In addition to this, we hope to bring you other benefits if you're using Equal Lives services - such as a meeting space where you could be supported to complete benefit applications, start an appeal or other information and advice you're accessing.

When will Shopmobility be open?

Watch this space...our goal is to have the Shopmobility service up and running as soon as possible and we will update this page when it's ready. Check back here for updates or join us as a member for FREE to stay up to date with Equal Lives!

How can  I support Shopmobility?

Supporting Shopmobility is easy.

When the service is open, joining as a Shopmobility member or supporting Equal Lives as a member is an easy way to help out. Additionally, you could tell your friends and family about our service, or share information about the service at work or a group you're involved in.

We're always on the lookout for volunteers, click below to read more about the Shopmobility volunteer role profile and how you can come and help out!

Shopmobility News

We would like to welcome Kyle Secker to Equal Lives. Kyle will be based at the Shopmobility site at Chantry Place. He will be able to support you with membership queries, the options for renting a mobility scooter and any questions you may have about using the scooters.


“Hi everyone. It’s really exciting to be here. Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I look forward to getting to know each one of you and at the same time contribute towards the smooth opening and running of Shop Mobility. See you when lockdown ends!” Kyle.