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ShopMobility Norwich's fleet of red mobility scooters lined up in front of an orange wall.
Shopmobility's logo. Over a while background, the word ‘Shopmobility’, although one word, has been split into two different text styles. ‘Shop’ is in bold, purple text, with a simple white person on a mobility scooter shape inside the ‘o’. ‘Mobility’ is in a thinner, light green, italic font, with the Equal Lives three, purple bird shapes, increasing in size and depth of purple as they descend inside the ‘o’. Above the text on the right-hand side is the Equal Lives Logo.
Graphic of a dark-skinned, feminine-presenting person, with short, tight brunette curls. They are wearing blue jeans with a black belt and gold buckle, green trainers, a long-sleeved purple top, and is using a walking stick. They are turned to face slightly away from the observer, their left arm not using the walking stick, is by their side, and their mouth is open as though they are talking.

If you’re heading into the city centre, you may find it easier to get around by borrowing a mobility aid from Shopmobility.

Located in the Level 1 car park at Chantry Place Shopping Centre, you can borrow a mobility scooter, wheelchair or power chair from us for FREE. Borrow for a few hours and use within a 1 mile radius of our site. 

All you need to do is pop in with some ID and register as a member one time, and you can then use our services when you need to.

You can pre book if you want to guarantee a mobility aid will be available for you.

To book ahead, please call 01603 365100 or email us on 

Used the service? We'd love to hear from you!


Want to volunteer for Shopmobility? We'd love to have you! Check-in here to apply:

Where to find us

Located in the car park of Chantry Place (previously Chapelfield Shopping Centre), with easy access from the accessible car parking bays.

Car Park Level 1
Chantry Place, St Stephens St Norwich


When Will Shopmobility be Open?




09:00 -16:00


09:00 -16:00


09:00 -16:00


09:00 -16:00



Using a taxi to head into the city?

Check out our list of accessible taxis here

*There is a 10 minute drop off/pick up period at Chantry Place. Taxi drivers can drop off/pick up directly outside Shopmobility for free, if they leave within 10 minutes. 

While you're there - check out the fantastic art work provided by The Norwich Dandies. We love it so much and we're so grateful to the team who painted our vision. Thank you much Norwich Dandies!

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