Community Advocacy

An Advocate is an independent professional who can support you to have your voice heard on a particular issue. They can help you to understand a process you are going through and will try to support you to build up your confidence.

An Advocate Can: 

  • Represent your views and wishes if you find it hard to communicate

  • Help you to make an informed choice and come up with a plan of action

  • Attend meetings and help you to understand what is said

  • Help you to understand important documents

  • Be non-judgemental and respectful to you

An Advocate Can Not:

  • Be a support worker – they can only support you around a specific issue

  • Make decisions for you, or tell you what to do

  • Automatically get you the outcome you want

  • Do things for you

  • Respond to a crisis situation

How to make a referral:


If you want to refer yourself or someone else for advocacy support, please go to our online referral form.