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Covid - 19 Support Project 

Graphic - Over a pale green background, a fair to olive skinned feminine-presenting person seated in a manual wheelchair. They have long medium brown hair in a high ponytail and are wearing a long-sleeved green top with white stripes, and yellow trousers, and navy pumps. They have a thought bubble above their head, with the white words 'How can Equal Lives support me through the Covid-19 pandemic?' inside. Equal Lives' logo is in the top right corner. To the right of the person using their wheelchair, on purple blocks, is white text that says 'We will use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube creatively to connect with you and keep you updated on the Pandemic in Norfolk', 'We can arrange welfare check phone calls to ensure you have access to essentials', 'We will ensure your voices are heard during consultations with other organisations and the local authorities', We will campaign on your behalf to disabled barriers to independence through the pandemic'.

The coronavirus pandemic and the consequent decisions have impacted our lives in a way that could not have been predicted, even at the beginning of 2020. Disabled people have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. During the coronavirus pandemic we have supported our members in a number of ways:


- We have communicated with our members throughout to establish how Covid-19 has impacted their independence, mental health and access to amenities.

- We wrote to major supermarkets to establish how they will continue to support shoppers during this period.

- We have created resources for our members to use to support their wellbeing during these uncertain times.

- We have also worked with other organisations to conduct welfare checks on vulnerable groups.


We were granted funding by Active Norfolk and the Norfolk Community Fund in order for us to continue supporting our members in Norfolk with a dedicated Covid-19 Response Officer.  This member of staff supported you in a number of ways:


  • They developed expertise and knowledge of the support available in Norfolk and how organisations have adapted their packages in light of the pandemic. This up to date knowledge benefitted disabled people in Norfolk with finding support that was appropriate and available

  • They used social media creatively to ensure we were engaging with all members and disabled people in Norfolk.

  • They consulted with members before representing them at meetings to ensure disabled peoples' voices were heard. As we moved through this pandemic employers, organisations and education were all adapting to a ‘new normal’. It was vital disabled people were involved in these changes. We strongly believe in the ‘nothing about us, without us’ approach and have experience in supporting local councils through steering groups. The Covid Response Officer also supported members to write to their local MPs to ensure their voices were heard by decision makers.

  • They raised awareness around the county of the barriers disabled people face. 

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