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How COVID19 affected Equal Lives and where you can access support

When the UK first went into Lockdown - Equal Lives set up most of its staff to work from home. Some staff remained in the office, with distancing and COVID19 measures in place. 

In July and August 2020 we had completed a new risk assessment and were able to safely operate within the office again for those who wanted to come back. Some of our staff decided to continue to work from home. 

Since Lockdown hit the UK we have not carried out face to face appointments (apart from in exceptional circumstances). 

Staff are slowly returning to the office with protective measures in place, however, our office is not open to the public at this time (Sept 2020). 

What is affected?

Most of our services are still able to operate remotely. You can still call or email us, you can still make appointments with staff but these are likely to be carried out remotely (for example using Microsoft Teams or Skype etc). 

You can still send post to the office, but you may find there are delays in us receiving it, or delays in us being able to handle and respond via post where needed. 

Where possible, we will maintain remote alternatives. 
We are not currently hosting or attending events. Where possible, we will network online using social media. 

We are still representing you at meetings, these are now held via Zoom in many cases. 

Some project work is on hold - but where possible projects are being carried out remotely. 

COVID19 Response Officer

The Business Development Team have a 'COVID19 Response Officer' in place for 6 months (starting in Sept 2020). If you have a specific COVID19 related query and want to know where to access support, please contact them on ''. You can also let a member of staff know if you'd like to take part in COVID19 research to help us build a picture of how this issue affects disabled people in Norfolk and Suffolk.   

Face Mask Exemption Cards

If you're struggling to get hold of a Face Mask Exemption Card and Sunflower Lanyard you can contact us. We may be able to send one to you direct. 

Over a pinky lilac background and a graphic lanyard image, are the words 'Need a Face Mask Exemption Card? We are offering our members free lanyards, cards and plastic coverings. Contact Lisa, our Covid Response Officer at to find out more!'

Want to write to your MP?

We've created a template for those dealing with Face Mask exemption issues which you can download below. 
If you are experiencing other COVID19 related issues and want to write to your MP, please get in touch for support on (you must be a member to use this service)

Write to your MP template

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