Independent Living Project 

We wanted to find out what independence meant to disabled people in Norfolk and how that translated into accommodation choices. This was achieved through surveys, case studies and visits to residential care homes throughout the county.


To begin with we created a survey to establish what independence meant. After careful analysis of the result we created the following definition.

Independence Statement.JPG

We also created surveys for people who live in the community and those in residential care settings. Here are some of the results.

PD Project.JPG

Residential Care 

Living in the Community 


Our Accessible transport project has been created as a result of the experiences of those who took part in the Independent Living Project, in combination with our other members responses. Transport was a barrier to independence for those living in the community as well as those residing in residential care homes. 


We found that choice and control of housing options and the ability to live independently without barriers, physical and attitudinal, were the most important factors through the project. Some people wanted to remain in their own homes with adaptations whereas others wanted to move to more accessible accommodation, such as a bungalow. Wellbeing was also a common trend throughout the project. This included access to local amenities and day centres and being near family and friends.


We shared our recommendations with Norfolk County Council and will update this page further once we hear more about any decisions that have been made about accommodation options for people with disabilities in Norfolk.