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Membership options for groups, individuals and employers

Membership is for anyone who wants to support our cause. You can join us if you're a disabled person, someone that supports a disabled person or a business/organisation/individual who wants to see change for disabled people. 

Joining is FREE and easy. You can click below and complete the joining form, we will be in touch after that.

You can tell us about ANY barrier you're experiencing as a disabled person, or get in touch if you need support to become more accessible, inclusive or just want to find out more about what we do!


We’re listening to you

We’ve carried out a lot more research directly with our members this year. Your feedback is important to us, and we would first like to take this opportunity to thank you for filling out surveys, attending events, donating to us, emailing us suggestions and sharing our Facebook posts. It all adds up, and we’re very grateful for your time and support.


So, what are we doing about it?

We changed our membership offer in 2020 to ensure we can fully and meaningfully respond to the barriers disabled people are facing in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Our FREE membership offer consists of:


Campaigns. Groups and individuals who are disabled or support disabled people can join membership to support a campaign.


Our campaigns run for 1 year each and will roll over if members deem it necessary. Campaigns are all user-led, and that means they're directed by you. In the summer, members have the opportunity to feedback on campaigns and select the most pressing issues for the following year.

Campaigns are targeted and focus on:

  • Tackling stigma and changing social attitudes

  • Creating templates for people to use for the purposes of writing to their MPs and Local Authority, about how they can support their community

  • Lobbying businesses

  • Challenging policy decisions

  • Lobbying government/parliament to debate issues

  • Supporting employers to make workplaces accessible and supportive places for disabled people to work

  • Responding to user-led enquiries

  • Representing members in meetings, at conferences, on panels and in the media


For Employers/Corporate Membership:


  • Donation-based

  • Accessibility checks

  • Support to make adjustments

  • Equality and Diversity training

  • Promotion as an approved Disability Employer


When you join, you still receive the e-bulletin, and there will be an additional quarterly online magazine with more content. You will also receive regular contact about our work, in some cases have the opportunity to vote on changes at Equal Lives AGM, and feedback to us about what you think we should be working on next.

Our contact details are:

TEL: 01508 491 222




We want to make real changes to the barriers you’re facing.

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