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Equal Lives and BBC Radio Norfolk partner up to ensure disabled people's voices are heard

Are you passionate about disability rights? Have you ever wanted to go on the radio but don’t feel confident to do so? Have you ever wondered if the BBC Radio Norfolk studios are accessible or if you can go on the radio from home? As you know, Equal Lives frequently works with BBC Radio Norfolk to take part in news stories affecting disabled people, families and carers. At times, you will notice in our Members Facebook Group, and sometimes via email or social media, we call for members to take part in these stories. You might notice these calls and be someone who wants to take part, but are nervous, unsure or just don’t think it’s you we’re looking for. We are addressing you today to say – IT IS YOU WE’RE LOOKING FOR!

Equal lives has partnered up with BBC Radio Norfolk, to support a group of disabled people to feel comfortable to contribute to the news and join in on radio shows when calls come through. Between Equal Lives and BBC Radio Norfolk, we will ensure you feel comfortable, safe and confident to take part if this isn’t something you’ve done before. To join the priority news mailing list and take part in the preparation sessions please email us at, and include your full name, age and whether you’re interested as part of a member group or an individual.

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