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Equal Lives x Aviva Community Fund Crowdfunder

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Over a pale blue background, the words 'Equal Lives Crowdfunder' are in dark blue text. Underneath is a an 'X' in the same font to represent 'in collaboration with' and underneath that 'x', is 'Aviva's Community Fund logo. Underneath is a simple outline of a heart shape being held by two hands Along the bottom is a navy blue strip, with two hands fist bumping, with an explosion emanating from them, one is the shade of pale pink often used in Equal Lives marketing, and the other is Aviva's brand shade of yellow. To the right of the fists, thin white text reads 'Aviva has promised to match up to£250 for every donation made to our crowdfunder to raise money for our Adviser roles!' Equal Lives' logo is in the top right corner

Equal Lives offer a wide range of services designed to promote independence and give Disabled people choice and control in their lives. Empowerment is at the heart of everything we do.


Last year, 47% of enquiries we received related to welfare benefits and finance. Our welfare benefits Advisers and Financial Hardship Adviser apply a person-centred approach to each client, tailoring the service and making it as accessible as possible. Our Financial Hardship Adviser recently saved a client over £19,000 and helped them to take back control of their finances!


We are currently raising money to fund our Adviser roles and their activities in Norfolk. Aviva have generously agreed to match up to £250 for each donation made. If you are not in a position to donate to the Equal Lives Crowdfunder, supported by the Aviva Community Fund, we'd really appreciate if you could share the page link with your friends and family. 


Equal Lives

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