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It's not just about getting from A to B

Equal Lives has been successful in securing match funding from Aviva. They will generously double all donations made to our Norwich Shopmobility. This service is now free to access but the change has seen our customer numbers soar and there are not enough mobility scooters available for the people who need them. This means we regularly have to turn people away ... we’re on a mission to change this! We know the money drum has never been banged harder, but the cost-of-living crisis will disproportionately affect the disabled community this winter – a community who are still reeling from devastating effects of Covid. Shoppers on mobility scooters are part of the high street fabric but it’s not always about simply getting from A to B – it’s about: 👉 Independence 👉 Mental Wellbeing 👉 Financial Control 👉 Community Interaction ☝ factors that can be easy to take for granted and have never been more important. Click here to double any pledge and find out more

PLEASE NOTE - No amount is too small for us to receive. The yellow donate button on the funding page allows you to gift as little as £1. Enter your own amount or use the suggestion buttons. Thanks for reading

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