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Volunteering at Shopmobility

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Many of you have come and visited us since we opened our Shopmobility store in September, and it’s been great to meet you! We’re really looking forward to seeing even more of you in the future.

One thing you might not know about Shopmobility is that we rely on volunteers to keep the service running. If you’ve visited, you might have seen some of our excellent volunteers in action! Volunteers have comprehensive training, to allow them to become experts in the mobility equipment we offer: manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters. They can then support customers to borrow equipment, for a full day or a half day loan. Volunteers also help to keep the store clean and tidy, and make sure any used equipment is deep cleaned before it’s rented out again to keep our customers safe.

Here’s what one of our volunteers, Edith, has to say about her experience:

“I volunteer two days a week at Shopmobility. I greet customers and help them with our mobility equipment which they want to hire. I enter their details in a database, handle payments, charge up the mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs, clean them and park them after use. I enjoy volunteering here because I like meeting and helping people and the staff here are nice and friendly. Driving the mobility scooters is one of my favourite things about the job.”

We like to be flexible with volunteers, meaning you can choose which days and hours you would like to volunteer with us. No amount of time is too small to make a difference! You’ll have plenty of opportunities to develop your customer service skills, and if there are any specific skills you’re looking to develop, we’d love to discuss how volunteering can help you.

Shopmobility is based on Car Park Level 1 in Chantry Place, and we’re open between Tuesday – Friday, 9am – 4pm. Feel free to pop in to find out what equipment we have on offer and to find out more about volunteering at the store.

If you’re interested in volunteering with us, you can view the full role description here: or email

To find out more about our Shopmobility service, visit

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