Frequently Asked Questions from Volunteers

Can I volunteer if I’m on benefits? 
Yes, but we advise you talk to your Job Centre and let them know that you’ll be volunteering with us, check out their website for full details. 
What age do I have to be to volunteer?
You can volunteer for us at any age, whether you’re doing it as part of your Duke of Edinburgh community experience or looking for something to keep you busy during retirement.  Just make sure that if you’re under 18 you get permission from your parent or guardian to volunteer with us. 
I’ve never volunteered before, does that matter? 
No, not one bit!  We welcome people with all experience levels, and we will always provide you with plenty of training and support to ensure you feel confident in your role. 
How much time do I need to be able to commit to volunteering? 
There’s no minimum amount of time for volunteering, however, we do ask that you can commit to at least one full morning for your training.  For more information feel free to have a chat with us during your application or interview stage. 
Do I need to provide my own equipment and transport? 
We will provide you with any equipment relevant to your role as well as your own Equal Lives email address, we are also happy to provide reasonable transport expenses so long as you keep hold of all receipts for travel. 
Will I be insured whilst volunteering with you? 
Yes, we have insurance for all our volunteers to ensure their safety. 
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