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Disability Equality Training

Did you know that Equal Lives offers Disability Equality Training?

Before the pandemic, the Development Team got together to revamp our Disability Equality Training (DET) and make it more inclusive and accessible. It was a face to face session, delivered in groups.

As the pandemic hit - we were all sent to work from home and it wasn't clear what the future of office based training looked like.

A member of the team condensed the training and made it 'child friendly' - so we could send it out to members who were parents and looking for ways to keep their children learning and engaged during these unprecedented times.

Since then, we've been able to continue to develop the training, and with the help of the Norfolk Community Foundation - fund extra trainers and offer the session remotely.

We've delivered a few sessions recently, and here's what some of the delegates had to say:

'Really useful and informative' 'Relaxed and enjoyable session'

Most delegates agreed or strongly agreed that:

The session was well organised

It was a suitable duration

The trainers were effective

They learned something new

They would recommend the training

Some of the organisations we've delivered to also stated they continued to learn long after the session, as it provoked conversation and got people talking in their work environment.

We love delivering DET - as trainers, we still learn something every time. We like getting to know people and finding out what has shaped their perceptions of disability and how they view the barriers that disabled people face.

If you know or a business or organisation you think would benefit from a DET session with us, have them get in touch with our team!

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