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Help us shape our next AGM!

As we say goodbye to the end of the summer holidays – the time has come for Equal Lives to think about planning our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

It doesn’t quite feel like we’ve really had a summer. Not just due to the classic inconsistent British weather – but the COVID19 restrictions lifting and mixed views on things like social distancing, masks and capacity has left a lot of disabled people feeling unsure about enjoying the outdoors.

Since the start of the pandemic, online events have surged, and we’ve been spending more time on our screens than ever.

Our last AGM was postponed due to COVID19 and after the delays, we held our first ever remote AGM online. For the most part it worked well – apart from some technical errors both for us and our members! It was during lockdown number three, which feels so long ago now.

Many of us have now been working remotely for some time, and our systems and processes are set up to enable us to host a remote meeting that functions more smoothly this year. But – we want to know what you’d like to see.

Are you feeling ready to go back to face-to-face meetings? Are remote AGM’s accessible to you? What are your thoughts? We’ve created a quick survey – and we’d really appreciate your thoughts on it. We remain a user-led organisation and that starts with you!

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Sue Williams
Sue Williams
14 oct. 2021

I can’t come to the meetings because I can’t afford to pay for taxis

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