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More about our fantastic membership offer

Last week you may have read our blog telling you about our membership magazine. Following on from that we would like to tell you a little more about our Membership offer.

Firstly, it’s important to tell you who can become a member of Equal Lives. Membership is free and for anyone who wants to support our cause. You can join us if you're a disabled person, someone that supports a disabled person or an individual who wants to see change for disabled people. Our disabled members also get to vote at our Annual General Meeting (AGM), alongside our user led member groups.

Our Membership offer and the direction of our organisation are driven by what our members tell us are important to them. We welcome and encourage engagement with our members through surveys, emails, attendance at events and, recently, through our members only social media page. Our annual survey gives us a privileged insight into our members lives and the barriers they are facing. From this we shape the campaigns we are going to focus on for that year. From the results of this year’s survey, discussions are already underway on the work we are going to focus on. You can keep updated on this by following our blogs and, of course, through our E-bulletin. You can read the Membership Survey results here:

This year we were excited to offer our members the opportunity to become a ‘Membership Champion’. This is for anyone who wants to become more involved in our work, through campaigning, volunteering, radio appearances and promoting the work we do. We had a great response to this opportunity and look forward to working closely with our members.

Twice a month we produce an information E-bulletin. This updates our members on the projects we are working on and news from departments across the organisation. In addition to this, it also features community information about events across Norfolk and Suffolk and updates from our member groups. We share news updates, events to attend, and opportunities where members can share their experiences through surveys and engagements. Like our magazine our members tell us the E-bulletin is one of the benefits of membership that they most value.

Our Membership Officer, Lisa, works closely with our members to remove disabling barriers that they may be facing. By offering advocacy support, the member can feel supported to address the issues impacting them. Many of our members share their lived experiences through Membership, which supports Lisa and our CEO, Ben Reed, to anonymously represent disabled people at meetings. These meetings are geared towards change by removing barriers and improving services. We update our members on this work with our monthly updates, it’s also another place to watch out how you can get more involved or share your thoughts on issues close and important to you. You can read our latest updates here:

Hopefully this gives you a better understanding of our Membership offer. If you are an existing member or thinking about joining us and would like to know more about membership, you can email us at: Lisa is always happy to have a chat with you about membership and to hear how things are for you.

If you would like to join us, please fill out this quick membership form:

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